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DIETRICH Rebrands as Part of a Corporate Makeover

May 4, 2018

Evolving industry inspires new look

DIETRICH is the new name for the company formally known as Dietrich and Associates, Inc. A fresh look has been placed on an industry leader in the Pension Risk Transfer Market.

DIETRICH’s new logo resembles the road to retirement. Their new tagline, Guaranteed income. For life. represents the lifetime income solutions offered to our clients. “Retirement income is something that is not going away, it’s becoming the most authentic road to retirement and we recognize that.”

“It started with us reflecting on our company, the industry and how it has evolved over the last three decades,” Kate Dietrich-Davis, Director of Marketing. After 38 years and as the second-generation family business continues to grow, change was inevitable.

“We’re working closely with CFOs, CEOs, their advisors, actuaries, attorneys. We have strong relationships with anyone who touches a corporate retirement plan and we wanted to appeal to all of those audiences,” said Krista Koteles, VP of Marketing and Sales.

When DIETRICH opened its doors for business in 1980, they specialized in the funding of pension plans through the use of group annuity contracts. “The organization and industry itself has become more consultation geared and DIETRICH echoes that shift by promoting the financial health of retirement plan sponsors, the plans they manage and the participant retirements they support through education, objective advice, and access to insured institutional solutions.”, said Koteles.

“As the corporate retirement plan is shifting, we’re seeing great support and value in the use of an annuity to provide insured lifetime income for retirees. That is the future of the industry, and our business. We’re ready for the future and our recent rebrand reflects our enthusiasm for what the future holds.” said Koteles.

DIETRICH has placed more than 2,000 single premium group annuity contracts on behalf of plan sponsors that guarantee retirement benefits of almost $8 billion for close to 300,000 participants.

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