Testimonial > 2018-Testimonial > Domenick S., Secretary/Treasurer, Florist, New Jersey

I take pleasure in taking this opportunity to acknowledge Dietrich & Associates for the superior service they provide to our company.

In November 2006, the Pennock Company’s Excecutive Committee contracted this company to provide us assistance with our Pension Plan Termination Process.

DIETRICH advised us of the termination procedures, marketed the plan, and made sure we had complete and accurate data prior to the purchase of the SPGA contract. We are immensely happy for the services they have completed for us.

Although Kurt Dietrich was the initial contact, Geoffrey Dietrich was the associate involved daily on our project who was visibly committed to accomplish the proper end result. It is evident that these people are experts in their field and have proven themselves to be very dependable.

The company is very proactive and kept good lines of communication open with us at all times. We found them to be exceptionally accommodating, willing to make whatever adjustments necessary to meet our unique needs.

They consistently delivered the highest level of service, while at the same time offering the best solutions in reviewing data. This is a company that has earned both our trust and respect.

Without hesitation I would recommend Dietrich & Associates to anyone.

Domenick S.Secretary/Treasurer, Florist, New Jersey